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Slide 0: Sadie T-Strap Sunjuns
Slide 1: Sadie T-Strap Sunjuns
Slide 2: Sadie T-Strap Sunjuns
Slide 3: Sadie T-Strap Sunjuns
Slide 4: Maddie Thong Sandal
Slide 5: Maddie Thong Sandal
Slide 6: Maddie Thong Sandal
Slide 7: Michelle Sandal
Slide 8: Michelle Sandal
Slide 9: Michelle Sandal
Slide 10: Scarlett Slide Sandal
Slide 11: Scarlett Slide Sandal
Slide 12: Scarlett Slide Sandal
Slide 13: Scarlett Slide Sandal
Slide 14: Margie Premium Sunjuns
Slide 15: Margie Premium Sunjuns
Slide 16: Margie Premium Sunjuns
Slide 17: Margie Premium Sunjuns
Slide 18: Sharon Premium Sunjuns
Slide 19: Sharon Premium Sunjuns
Slide 20: Sharon Premium Sunjuns
Slide 21: Sharon Premium Sunjuns
Slide 22: Stella Crossband Sunjuns
Slide 23: Stella Crossband Sunjuns
Slide 24: Stella Crossband Sunjuns
Slide 25: Stella Crossband Sunjuns
Slide 26: Stella Crossband Sunjuns
Slide 27: Stella Crossband Sunjuns
Slide 28: Shannon Thong Sunjuns
Slide 29: Shannon Thong Sunjuns
Slide 30: Shannon Thong Sunjuns
Slide 31: Shannon Thong Sunjuns
Slide 32: Shannon Thong Sunjuns
Slide 33: Shannon Thong Sunjuns
Slide 34: Shannon Thong Sunjuns
Slide 35: Samantha Scalloped Sunjuns
Slide 36: Samantha Scalloped Sunjuns
Slide 37: Samantha Scalloped Sunjuns
Slide 38: Samantha Scalloped Sunjuns
Slide 39: Samantha Scalloped Sunjuns
Slide 40: Sophie Slide Sandal
Slide 41: Sophie Slide Sandal
Slide 42: Sophie Slide Sandal
Slide 43: Sophie Slide Sandal
Slide 44: Anabelle Espadrille Sandal
Slide 45: Anabelle Espadrille Sandal
Slide 46: Anabelle Espadrille Sandal
Slide 47: Anabelle Espadrille Sandal
Slide 48: Anabelle Espadrille Sandal
Get ready for the warmer months in a pair of these women's leather sandals from G.H. Bass & Co. Our ladies' Sunjuns are classic sandals that are perfect for the summer. Whether you're looking for flip flops, gladiator sandals, slides, or heels, we have many styles to help you find what you need. Find the perfect sunglasses & jewelry to go along with your new Sunjuns from G.H. Bass & Co.